Is CISSP Certification Online Worth the Effort or Not?


The CISSP denotes Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It’s an information security certification for security analysts. It was generated by the International Information systems security certification Consortium (ISC).

It was generated for the growth of standardized knowledge of computer security, if you want to earn a Certified Information Systems Security Professional certificate, undoubtedly, it can be helpful in your successful career, building you up in the field of computer security professional.

Is CISSP certification worth the effort or not

CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional is a six-hour exam for the candidate which consists of around 250 questions related to computer security.

This has ten certified different areas of - access control systems, its methodology, planning, business continuity, disaster management, operation security, physical security, business security, networking program, and telecommunications.

There are some other areas of CISSP consisting of certification. These are the security of architecture application, cryptography security, law, its system development, investigation, and its ethics. Therefore, for sitting for the exam, you can easily get a valid and renowned CISSP certification course.

Advantages of Pursuing CISSP: Is it Worth it or Not?

  • CISSP is prominent around the world and the certification of Certified Information Systems Security Professional authenticates the effort which you have put as an achiever to achieve and there is no need for the explanation of testimonials.

  • CISSP gives you a very transparent competitive image in the market. Recruiters have more chances to notice your application regarding the interviews for the leading MNCs and tier 1 banks are definitely which is more liable to reach out to that candidate who has more testimonials complete and who does not complete.

  • CISSP has a huge perspective for business information security and also for technical acumen which helps you to make yourself empowered with huge amounts of knowledge from only a single source (ISC2 book for knowledge) which helps you if you are unable to read and get more information from the internet.

  • CISSP provides you the most essential skills which help you to write more insightful than others. This depends on your CISSP certification training as well:

    •  You need a considerable huge business perspective with policy and context.

    •  You have to focus on the issue of the root cause and the symptoms.

    •  You have to do it point to point which is needed.

    •  You have to be hugely responsible for a professional business ROI.

    •  It also depends on the rationale and fundamental thinking you have to challenge the best for healthy competition and to improve individual growth.

All the beneficial things make the CISSP certification more worth it. Aspirants can unleash their true selves. This certification can undoubtedly give massive growth to learners who have this certificate.

When you target a competitive business system, the CISSP Certification can sail you through!

Strategy to Prepare for CISSP

As per the security professionals who have experience in CISSP, tell about the strategy. It is not difficult to clear the CISSP exam on the first try, yes it is possible in (first attempt), and any candidate can easily clear the exam with their dedication, hard work and with little guidance.

Just read the information that is given below. This will surely help you to clear your CISSP exam on the first attempt. There are few steps to clear the CISSP exam on the first try. Find it in the points given below:

  • Firstly, you should know what the CISSP exam is.

  • Know the exam syllabus and its difficulty level.

  • Grab the study materials to study.

  • You need a smart study strategy.

  • A winning strategy is also needed.

Why the CISSP Exam?

If you are looking for a job in the IT sector, or the security system, you need CISSP certification. Maybe, you found the course expensive for many candidates because it is a self-funding course, but surely it is beneficial for your future.

The students who are looking for a future security certification can choose CISSP because it’s the only certification that is higher in worth and value as compared to other exam certifications. CISSP online training will surely be helpful for all candidates.

Candidates who are looking for the CISSP certification exam must have five years of IT experience with a respected degree and four years of work experience. Also, with this, you have to score above 70% in the 250 objective question exam.

After the certification, you have to renew the certificate every three years. With continuous study requirements which are conferences, attending classes, volunteering, seminars, writing, and teaching the candidate can clear the exam.

If the candidate does not renew the certificate automatically, it becomes invalid after three years. It is a premier CISSP certification that carries more value after few counterparts too:

  • The certificate of CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) is easier to earn than the certificate of CISSP. It is more stressful to get theoretical knowledge, but the practical aspect is easier to expose.

  • The certificate of CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) - the certificate provides you an approach towards the IT sector. You just need five years of experience in audit control.

  • The OSCP (Certified Information Systems Professional) certificate provides you an auditing approach to the IT sector. It also improves your experience. Although you don’t have multiple choices, you need to attend the labs and you will easily get points by hacking.

There are lots of certifications that provide different capabilities. We see great demand for the certification of system professionals and are sure that it’s not going to go down any time.

The popular magazine based on CISSP certification was surveyed in 2006. This survey visualized that, the certified candidates of CISSP and the employers earn more salary after getting certified with CISSP. The survey ranked as a certification for best-paid certification in the sector of IT.

In 2008, the study of CISSP was included as professionals with CISSP certification and higher salaries than other candidates who don’t have such certificates. CISSP has all the requirements of all the certifications, most of the candidates say the value of CISSP is devalued due to the ethical lapse of relaxed standards.

CISSP Certification Benefits

The candidates who have a CISSP certification, and are working in an organization, all automatically have the working knowledge of system security. Let's explore the CISSP certification benefits at a glance.

  • The certificate gives more confidence to the candidates and also provides a point of view to differentiate their career options which are based on the credibility and marketability of the job option.

  • The certificate provides you with various benefits and more ideas of peer networking. It helps you to earn more with certification as compared to the ones who don’t have certification.

  • The certificate permits you to fulfill all the requirements of government and private companies for a security certificate.

  • The certificate allows all employees the position of the field is recognized internationally. If you are working with vendors and contractors, the employees working credibility is increased automatically.

  • The certificate helps in the practices and accepts all the terms which give employees a universal language. Also, it validates working in different industries. Certification needs renewal every three years which improves the skills.

  • It also satisfies the needy requirements which are required by the contractors and vendors and job providers.

Are you ready to go for the CISSP Certification? Enroll today, at Careerera, and be the champion of your field!

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