Is Business Analytics Certification Worth It?


What is Business Analytics?

By business analytics, we mean a way of examining and studying businesses majorly by visiting the historical data. It involves a study of past data to get current insights into the business.

If we talk in more formal terms then, business analytics can be defined as a process or a procedure by which businesses employ the best statistical approaches, methods, and technologies for surveying historical data. They do this to acquire new perceptions and insights and upgrade planned decision-making.

It is simple, after reviewing the past business performances, businesses, entrepreneurs, and owners, plan moves that they need to take for a better understanding of the data and business processes.

Recently, the role of a business analyst is grabbing much popularity and worth in the eyes of many professionals who are already working in the field of business. Although it is not the call of working professionals alone, many new learners also aspire to become the best in the domain of business!

Business Analytics Certification Worth It

But, the question is, is business analytics certification worth time, energy, and money? For this, you need to find a reliable business analytics certification from many available online or otherwise!

Seriously speaking, you will get many certifications but, it is your worthy choice to choose the one that is matchless and best for you! Individuals looking for a business analyst role can enroll in any online course in business analytics.

There are many valid and reputed certifications in business analytics and premier business analytics courses that are available today. If you have already made a mind to upgrade your professional career, Careerera is the way for you! At Careerera, you can be under the guidance of best teachers and mentors who assist you for a better professional standing. 

Marking the Benefits of Business Analytics Certifications in 2021 - Worth it?

Data plays a vital role in all business sectors today. Individuals, working professionals, and new students aim to leverage the present level to form and create impactful decisions and recommendations while working for their respected organization.

Here, when professionals think of completing an online course in business analytics, they make the right choice. A choice that is both better for their independent careers as they get to update, moderate and revamp their skills and next, help companies have better collective organizational insights and visualizations with the help of new data forecasts.

These new insights, help businesses boost their entrepreneurial working, reach clients with valid data and information on time and make profits in a wide world of business and data. Other than this, there are many advantages and benefits of business analytics certification -

Let’s mark many edges here, for you to understand - how can you be a leader and winner of your pact of business analysts:

Learn the most marketable and salable skills and most in-demand competencies.

The right business analytics certification is the one that teaches you to be more aware of the type and variety of data you are using for coming to final business decisions. It is the most vital step of all. Business analytics deals with the collection of data, analyzing it strategically, and hence, using it to come to better business decisions.

Today, every business, irrespective of its size or industry, have a way to enter this data and a more worthy reason to learn from it, the learners, aspirants and other individuals who are working as business professionals and have a better command of analytical skills are automatically in high demand!

With an online course in business analytics or an authentic certification in business analytics, the students get a path to revamp, upgrade and improve their skills, expertise, and knowledge. The more proficient, trained, and accomplished they become, the more salable, marketable they turn out to be. Their trending position accounts for success and victory in any firm they go for the interview of a business analyst.

It’s important to have what the industry demands from you. If you are not modern, organized, experienced, and skilled; or your certification does not show that you have what you have, then the IT world won’t accept you! Therefore, it is equally important to learn the most marketable and salable skills and a lot of in-demand competencies.

In 2021, you need so much more to be at the top of your professional career. Some of the most sought-after business analytics skills that you must have to be the best are -

Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis using Excel, BRD FRD and SRS Document Creation, Elicitation, and Collaboration, Requirements Analysis, Planning and Monitoring, Requirements Life Cycle Management, Strategy Analysis, Wireframing, Dashboarding, Solution Evaluation, Agile Scrum Methodology, Scrum Artifacts, SQL Database, R Language, Data Analysis and Digital Transformation.

If you have these skills, no one can stop you from getting a titled business analytics job, in the present scenario. With the right certification, you have proof of valid and authentic mentorship, earned experience, and both modern and up-to-date practical and theoretical knowledge.

Want to know about jobs that are open for you after you have the valid business analytics certification that marks your worth and value in front of the business and make you more marketable as a professional? Note it here -

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist: This job role estimates a 19 percent job growth between 2016-2026.
  • Mathematician/Statistician: It shows an estimation of 33 percent job growth until FY 2026. It is the highest of all.
  • Operations Research Analyst: This job shows a better 27 percent job growth between 2016 and 2026.
  • Market Research Analyst: It exhibits a clear 23 percent job growth until the year 2026.

Whether you are planning to start a new career in the world of data and business analytics or you are simply planning to climb up the ladder, as a working professional in the field of IT, completing a Business Analytics course, or joining an online course in business analytics, won’t do you any bad! It is all worth it in the end, especially in a technically and a scientifically advanced year like 2021!

Certifications are less time-consuming, fast, and worth it.

They say it is a world of certifications and part-time programs. The best-updated certifications that talk of honing your skills and talents are nothing less in comparison to full-fledged degrees in the same domain of academics and education.

On the other hand, degrees are more time-consuming, slow, and costly. If you are not looking to spend much on getting knowledge and favorable academic insight, certifications, and short programs in business analytics are your call!

With certifications, you can be anywhere in the IT world - all with less time consumption, more experienced, and practical accuracy!

The short-term and part-time business analytics courses and online programs can provide you with valuable skills that can be in turn employed to effectuate real modifications and worthy changes in your organization. Trust us, with certifications it is a matter of some hours and you are all set to go!

Students and professionals can have a positive and productive impact on their learning industrial career after completing an online certification or program. Here is what and how -

  • Respondents understand their responsibility while dealing with industry work and getting their hands dirty in the water of practicality and workability.
  • After completing a business analytics course or certification, students get better roles and positions within a company. They see their titles changing. May earn a promotion.
  • Many understand if it will be better to go for an advanced degree after completing the business analytics course with an authentic educational institution.

Online course in business analytics - Leveraging you in the eyes of premier and top employers.

We all know how powerful data is today. Concluding an online certification or a course in business analytics can provide any learner with a pool of powerful advantages. As the world graces itself as a more data-driven society, corporations, and organizations look out to hire aspirants who can aid them in placing data for better consumption and in turn help them make more intelligent and better business decisions, while assisting a firm or an enterprise.

When you have the earned skills and knowledge, the employer will select and choose you amongst others. It is because as a worker you will fill in more ease in company operations and let it achieve the actual goal and objective, letting in huge profits.

This all will be done when a professional understands which data needs to be analyzed and utilized for making future decisions and recommendations.

Crucially, the Business analytics course certification will add worth to your CV/Resume, making it unique and more rated than other resumes. The employer will be more impressed with your earned business analytics talents and thus, you will be the prospective candidate on their selection and screening list of names!

High salaries and better compensations.

When we look at the many job opportunities for business analysts, then they have many and that too better compensated and paid ones! This is a global scenario.

The business world is all ready to pay better and high salaries to business professionals, who have worthy certifications from global reputed educational centers and institutions!

According to the reports from Glassdoor, the average salary that is earned by a business analyst is at least $68,346. The salary figures are subject to change noting the real duties of the hired personnel and the experience s/he has.

Also, what kind of educational background s/he has affects the salaries that business analysts or BI experts have. When we talk of a senior IT business analyst, then they can take in a whole lot of over $90,000 in top-rated global IT firms.

Top 10 Business Analytics Courses Today - You Need to Know About

Here, we tell you about the most sought Business Analytics certifications of the year that can help you accelerate your career, and which are the most favorites of the top employers out there in the world of IT and business - 

  1. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  2. IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA)
  3. IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)
  4. IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (AAC)
  5. IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  6. IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA)
  7. IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE)
  8. IQBBA Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA)
  9. PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)
  10. PGP in Business Analytics from Careerera

The Difficulty of Business Analytics Certification - Is it that Hard and Challenging?

When any professional is at the job, serving the role of a business analyst, the number of skills s/he needs to have as a business analyst increases.

Hence, we can put it like this, that a business analyst or a BI expert has many mini roles to play, fit them together for the company for coming to the right business insights, and in the end, make and explain all the functions that he has performed through his earned skills and talents to people with different backgrounds and perspectives in the organization and the firm so that they get a basic idea how the professional worker has worked for the betterment of the business all in all. Thus, to conclude all of this becomes exhaustive and difficult for the working professional.

The many roles of a business professional are -

  1. Right knowledge about the business.
  2. Analytical Mindset taking towards problem-solving.
  3. Knowledge about Technology and science.
  4. Understanding strategic use of IT skills.
  5. Noting project methodology.

To conclude here, we can say that the domain of business analytics is not as easy as we might think it to be!

It requires rigorous academic concept clarity, practical assistance, empirical accuracy, methodological knowledge of technical and scientific concepts, statistical modeling, and a high level of the analytical mindset - working personnel, an asset that can use all of his/her earned competencies to come to a better understanding of decisions which robotic systems and software might tend to miss! Although, the job role brings the burden of performance, presentation, and execution, at the same time it serves out to be the well-paid job for intellectually experienced candidates on the globe today! Thus, it is totally worth it.

Aspirants might target different certifications and programs in Business analytics. They can go for a Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics, or they can look out for various CCBA, CBATL, CBAAP ECBA, or PMI-PBA certifications that are demanded by every other employer who is posting a job for business analyst in the world.

We believe, the students must first analyze and visualize the nature of the professional role they are selecting. This will help them choose and enter the most suited part for better and high-yielding career advancement.   

Ways are many, paths are different; it is your call how you move to achieve what is best for you in the world of IT and business!


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