In Which Country MBA Has The Highest Salary?


Pursuing an MBA degree is beneficial in numerous ways, from garnering an expansive network to gaining in-depth knowledge of the business world, giving exposure to excellent career paths and rapid growth. Amongst these numerous prospects, the substantial salary hike is the magnetic feature that attracts capable and interested candidates to the field of business. More interestingly, candidates with a Global Master of Business Administration have higher chances of earning more, given the stiff competition in the business environment. Large worldwide market variables do exist, and as a result, the salaries for MBA salary in top countries are significantly greater than those in others.

MBA Salary in top countries

Let us discuss MBA Salary in top countries here in this post, to have greater knowledge of this promising career path.

Highlighting Countries Paying high Salaries to MBA


Despite a minor decline in MBA pay during a period of austerity in Western Europe, Switzerland remains at the top of the European (and global) wage rankings, with an average salary of US$123,500 and the highest overall compensation package in the world, US$140,900.

The strengthening of the Swiss franc played a significant role in this, but one of the main causes was the relocation of many multinational corporations' headquarters from, say, London or Frankfurt to Switzerland in order to lower corporate tax obligations, which resulted in a rise in the demand for MBA graduates in the nation.


The baseline MBA salary in the US and Canada has increased manifold in the last two years considering the QS Top MBA report. This appears to be a result of the restored faith in economic recovery. This is also true in Europe, thus there is a great likelihood that firms around the world will start to want MBA degrees again. Looking ahead, the country's MBA wage levels are still high, at US$102,100, despite the downturn in growth.


In the most recent study, Canada's average total compensation was calculated at US$111,100. Along with the US, Canada is anticipated to experience a rise in demand for MBA graduates, which will result in a significant change in hiring confidence from both domestic and foreign businesses. Large firms are eager to hire recent MBA graduates as they recover from the recession that hit the economy a few years ago, especially in the financial services sector.


Over the past ten years, the demand for MBAs in France has decreased. In terms of the total number of MBA jobs, it is no longer in the top 10. Despite this, firms in France pay their MBA employees an average total compensation package of US$116,200, ranking fourth globally. In fact, France's average salary level surpasses that of the UK at the whopping amount of USD 98,500 while it is USD 92,400 in the UK.


Australia is one of the key players in business and has the fifth-highest average base income ($98,400) in the world for MBA positions. The average income levels are somewhat lower than in Switzerland, but this is offset by generous bonuses with an average value of about US$17,800, bringing the total pay to US$116,200.


Businesses in the UK continue to place a high value on the contributions made by MBA graduates. As a result, its average MBA income level (US$92,400) places it sixth in the world. However, when average bonuses of US$30,500 are taken into consideration, the average total financial gain is US$122,900, making it the second-highest compensated MBA location in the world. Thus, it appears that this trust is justified.


Germany ranks the top and the largest in terms of economy in Europe. Most of its major metros including Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin are also home to global business centers. It is thus no surprise that it is one of the top countries paying high salaries to MBA graduates


According to the 2018 report, Italy's basic average MBA pay was US$86,400, ranking it as the sixth highest basic compensation in the world. However, when average bonuses of US$25,400 are included, the country's total MBA income rises to US$111,800, above Canada's total compensation of US$111,100.


In Singapore, MBA graduates may anticipate an average base salary of US$82,700 together with bonuses of US$22,600, bringing their average total pay to US$105,300. Due to Singapore's newfound prominence as a commercial and technology powerhouse, as well as the gateway location to other Asian markets, the city-state continues to be a popular choice for MBA graduates eager to build a name for themselves.


MBA graduates who choose to work in Japan can anticipate making an average base income of US$80,000, plus bonuses of US$26,600, for a total compensation package of US$106,600.

We have discussed in detail the MBA salary in top countries across the world giving you proper knowledge about which country could be ideal for your business career with a degree of Global Master of Business Administration. Keep in mind that these top countries paying high salaries are also highly competitive in seeking the best-qualified professionals. 


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