How to Get Data Science Job as a Fresher?


Data science has evolved into the most competitive and lucrative field of vocation that offers myriads of qualified and skilled professionals myriads of opportunities. However, landing a data science job demands persistence, hard work, strategic planning, and intensive training. One has to be highly invested when it comes to gaining knowledge, experience, and mastering the concepts and practices. You cannot simply become a data scientist overnight. You will require careful planning along with training and especially if you are starting out as a fresher. 

Let us get into a detailed analysis of how one can begin a data science job as a fresher. Prior to starting your search for an entry-level data science job, it is crucial that you ponder upon a few of the following things 

  • Do you have a genuine interest in numbers, statistics, and graphs? 

  • Check on your skills in programming as data scientists are required to be adept at using a variety of programming languages like Python and R. 

  • Do you have the resilience and passion to work under any circumstance and be open to constant learning

If you fulfill all these, you can be on your way to finding a data science job as a fresher. You can start gaining the required knowledge and abilities. As mentioned above, strategic and accurate planning of your career path is necessary to land a data science job, and especially for someone who is just starting out with no prior work experience, it is crucial to be well-prepared. 

This post will serve as a comprehensive guide for fetching a data science job as freshers as the suggestions made will enable you to pursue a data science job without any experience. 

How to Prepare for a Data Science Job Without Any Experience

Following are some crucial steps that freshers should follow to land an entry-level data science job.

Study the Foundations of Data Science

A data scientist must be proficient in the foundations of data science. Numerous fields are included in data science, including arithmetic and statistics, computer science, data processing, data analysis, and other topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and others. If you want to work in data science, you should be familiar with:

  • Math

  • Statistics

  • Computer Languages

  • Data analysis and manipulation

  • Learning Machines

  • Visualization of data

Create an Online Portfolio

Employers won't pay you to perform a task that you have never performed before. Try to incorporate everything you are learning into your work if you are already employed. Hence, to land a data science job as a fresher you must begin creating your own projects using all the new data science technologies you are familiar with.

Around five projects that are pertinent to the duties of a data scientist should be included in your portfolio. Examples include data cleaning projects that involve data preparation, munging, cleaning, storytelling with data, visualization projects, group projects, etc.

Create a Profile on GitHub

Create a profile on GitHub. Your profile will effectively highlight your data science skills. Therefore, a strong GitHub profile with some excellent projects in R Markdown or Jupyter Notebook style would undoubtedly benefit you and possibly wow your hiring manager. Be sure to follow a specific style when creating projects and to have clear problem statements and clean code files.

Enroll in a Data Science Course and Update Your Expertise

This step is perhaps the most important step of all as one needs to keep upskilling and improving and keep learning. Never cease improving your skills, even if you land your first position as a data scientist. Read blogs and scholarly publications to strengthen your technical knowledge and creative thinking. Remember to maintain balance in your professional skill set at all times. You can strengthen your current abilities by taking data science classes.

Networking With Communities of Data Scientists

For freshers, data science communities can serve as a useful launching pad. You might exchange knowledge with experts, find fresh ideas, gain new job chances, and share your work. You should sign up for and frequent various community pages for data scientists. You may try out some of these helpful data scientist communities like IBM Data Science Community, Kaggle, Reddit, Stock Exchange, etc. 

Mapping Out Entry-level Data Science Job Options

Now that you are aware of the crucial steps you must consider in order to get a data science job without any experience, a fair knowledge of the numerous and varied data science job positions available should help you profoundly. 

Below are the most popular entry-level data science job options that beginners may pursue that suit their interest are:

  • Machine Learning Engineers 

  • Data Scientists

  • Business Intelligence Professionals 

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Warehousing Professionals

  • Data Architects

  • Business Analysts

  • Database Administrators

  • Game AI Developers

  • Statisticians 


To fetch a data science job may seem complicated from a distance. You only have to have the requisite accurate knowledge to navigate through the manifold opportunities. Data science is a growing discipline and to get a data science job without any experience entails giving maximum effort. make sure you look into the position you wish to gain to determine if you would be a suitable fit. Be truthful to your passion and technological expertise and begin to learn as you grow. You may start out a data science job as a fresher today, yet along the way, you will earn experience and skills that will propel your career to superior positions within a short time.

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