How do I Prepare for AWS Certification Architect Associate?


When a learner is all ready to take up a career in cloud computing and manage databases, servers and look after full-end web development, s/he automatically looks for the best and reliable cloud certifications to enroll in. 

Why so? It is mainly so because a reputed cloud certification with immense popularity equips and trains a learner or working personnel to be supreme and unparalleled in all professional and technical ways possible. 

AWS Certification for Architect Associate - Cloud Certification 

Today, almost every top company employer adds AWS cloud certification as an extra layer of eligibility and professional requirement to suit the role of a Solutions Architect (SA).

Basically, a certification is a ticket that states the professional is a master of cloud technicalities. S/he best suits recent and modern developments in the domain of cloud computing. 

In the 21st century’s world of artificial intelligence, and machine learning which is supported and equipped by the web and internet, almost every company is upgrading its functions and procedures to the cloud. 

Thus, getting certified with any valid cloud certification is very much significant. Currently, this is an undeniable truth!

Most top-notch developing organizations need the finest creamy layer of equipped and provisioned employees and workers who have a better understanding of on-demand computer system resources, data storage provisions, computing power. They know how to manage systems directly and actively with the help of the user! 

Thus, if you have the most in-demand and popular cloud certification - AWS Certification for Architect Associate - with you, no one can stop you from being your employer’s most demanding employee!

A way for preparing for Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification 

  • In this age of cut-throat competition companies look for those SA’s who are highly qualified, and have a pool of great, useful knowledge. 

  • Top MNC’s like Google, Facebook, Accenture, HCL, Apple, and more giants, don’t want bots; they want skilled humans that have brains like machines! There is a difference between being a bot, and working like one experienced bot. 

  • A learner who wants to take up the role of SA by getting certified by AWS must pass the hardest examination. 

  • The examination is scenario-specific and counts on the ever-changing business IT environment. 

Let’s see how you can prepare for Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification - 

How can you prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification Exam?

  • At the end of the year 2020, the AWS Certification Architect Associate was renamed SAA-C02.

  • The AWS certification examination verifies if the candidate can design and create encryption with AWS services, plan ideas for serverless AWS aids, and shape or put together the right services for better cloud-related development for an organization/firm. 

Preparation - 

Exam tips:

  • The aspirant can start by reading and going through some needful exam tips. These will tell the user about what to do and what not to do. 

Majorly, this will be an introduction to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. It’s time to earn the valuable certification! 

For this, the student may further join the cloud certification course or, s/he may purchase a book that offers all of the worthy tips about the exam, its guidelines, course structure, and time duration. 

Overview and survey of cloud services and computing:

  • The learner can start by exploring and surveying how modern cloud tools and techniques work. 

This gives an insight into the full AWS platform. Here the candidate may get a basic idea about global cloud-based products. 

These comprise - storage, compute, databases, networking, analytics, mobile, developer tools, IoT, management tools, security, enterprise applications, and pay-as-you-go pricing.

AWS storage design:

  • The students must understand the number of designs that are there in the AWS in actuality. This information is essential for students to move on further and sit for the cloud computing certification examination. 

There are 7 types of AWS storage designs. The students must brief about all of these independent designs and begin from the fundamentals. 

1. Amazon virtual private cloud: Here, the aspirant learns to tackle the basics and foundations of the networking layer, the essentials of virtual private cloud. 

The student learns to deal with the commercial cloud and its many computing services. 

2. Compute services: This will include knowledge on topics like -

Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Amazon Lightsail, AWS Batch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, AWS Serverless Application Repository, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

3. Identity and Access Management: This topic will include certain policies registered and offered by the AWS.

Here, the aspirants will get to know that this cloud computing domain deals with the management of digital identities and electronic specifications.

The learners must understand that this is an important part of security and cloud data protection. 

4. Auto-scaling and virtual network services: This part educates the student - who is sitting for the exam - about preparing scaling plans. 

S/he gets an idea about automating groups of various resources. They also learn to respond quickly to the changing and transforming demands. 

5. Application deployment: The students understand more about deployment application processes. These include services related to cloud formation, cloud front, and Lambda. 

6. Services and design scenario: It requires application in a real-life world and business environment.

7. Databases:  This deals with database management, design, and implementation. 

This requires swiftness and agility to implement services and cloud designs in a more fast-paced mode. 

Why prepare for AWS Solutions’ Architects role? 

Just think how it will look when you put AWS certification in your CV? It brings in another level of career opportunities for you.

You cherish the thought of being the best possible candidate in the AWS domain. Also, not to exaggerate, you start imagining the best high-paying salary package in your pocket with the hard-earned AWS credential. 

We know that the companies are keen on recruiting and hiring those professionals that can fit in well. The trained force of SA’s is the best fit when it comes to handling the cloud and offer the best possible services to the business clients. 

A Solutions Architect (SA) expert certified by Amazon Web Services does just this! It helps companies to - 

  • Organize data sets

  • Serve clients in a hassle-free manner

  • Understand IT developments

  • Add to the financial treasury of the organization. 

  • Converse with the customers to comprehend what they need and how they need it.

  • Comprehend basic and foundational business drivers

  • Judge and estimate application portfolios

  • Design and plan cost-effective and most effective cloud constructions administrations and solutions

So, after all of this useful and insightful information on the role of an AWS, AWS Certification Architect Associate, its examination, and noting the ways and standards in which it preps you up for the examination, you can proceed further with ease and acceleration!

It’s time for you to take the AWS credential and add value to your otherwise tedious, slowly moving career, in 2021. 

Ace up in your career! Grab the best lucrative career options with this new cloud computing certification, today and become the witness of visible transformative changes! 

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