Facts about PMP Certification That You Must Know!


Today, the PMP - Project Management Professional certification is the most demanded and followed certification worldwide. The reasons for its popularity are many. Firstly, it is the toughest certification that a Project Manager can have - therefore, professionals who eye upon the pinnacle of success cannot help but are attracted towards cracking the nut, by getting the PMP certification!

Secondly, it is counted in as a premier certification for gaining worthy and reputable recognition and accreditation amongst other professionals - so you naturally become everyone’s favorite at work, a man/woman of value, when you join a higher post at any organization.

Next, as many hurdles and difficulties stop you from having the certification, you need a proper subject base, professional hours of experience, and clarity upon the concepts to clear the PMP exam in the first attempt itself!

These are some specific reasons which attract people out there to sit for the PMP certification exam and thus, while there is ample time, get enrolled into a right and recognizable PMP Certification training program with a globally recognized educational institute.

Whether you take certification training online or offline, depends on you. Although, presently, learners are more attracted to online PMP certification courses and programs.

Key Facts About the PMP Certification That You Must Know

Let’s Quickly Map Some Key Facts About the PMP Certification That You Must Know!

  • PMP Certification is a Global Certification - Know How Many People Have it, Today?

As a worldwide recognized certification, the PMP certification is a global certification. There are as many as 1,000,000 PMP certification holders in the world, today. The number is increasing rapidly. Almost everybody is getting the PMP certification to grab the best job in the field of project management and related fields.

  • PMP Certification is One Way to Bring in High Compensation and Salary!

If you have got the PMP certification and taken the right training from the authentic and reputed educational organization, then nobody can stop you from earning more than many other professionals and Project managers who have not taken the PMP certification, already!

What is eligibility? To crack the PMP exam, a professional must have a bachelor’s degree and three years of professional experience working in an organization as a project leader. Normally, a professional who is working in a firm must have 4,500 hours as the leader of the project to become eligible to sit for the PMP exam.

You can boost your career and become successful while bringing in a handsome and attractive salary by adding this credential to your resume!

You can be an achiever and a winner if you join the PMP Certification Training course at Careerera! The dedicated team of experts and intellectuals can surely help you reach where you want to be! From guided theoretical assistance to practical aid Careerera can provide you with everything that is needed to pass the PMP exam!

  • It Speaks for Your Good Project Managerial Skills!

The PMP certification offers you an unmatchable value and worth. It recognizes you in the eyes of your heads and superiors, when you are at work, offering legitimacy and authenticity to your work, and the way you manage projects at hand is the main work of the PMP certification. It assures that you are a good project manager for the company, and know the latest trends in the industry.

  • PMP Certification Course is Worth Spending Money!

Yes, the PMP Certification is indeed costly. It can be heavy on your earnings and savings. But, in the end, once you clear the PMP examination, it can all be worth it!

After passing the exam, a professional can earn more than what s/he was taking earlier. Besides, if you are a PMI member, then you only need to spend $405. On the other hand, if you are not a member then, you would be spending $555!

  • PMP Certification Training can Make you Pass the Exam Easily!

If you join a PMP certification training program and engage in online classroom teaching, then you can pass the exam with less difficulty and anxiety. It is a proven fact that after getting admission into a training program, learners and aspirants tend to face less tension and stress, in contrast to when they are preparing for the exam themselves!

  • PMP Certification Comes With a Validity!

Yes, the PMP certification has a period and expiration date! The PMP certification is valid for three years from the date, the aspirant has passed the exam. It can be renewed, but this has a different procedure.

  • You Can Retake the PMP Exam.

Did you know that the PMP exam can be taken again? Yes, it is true. If the aspirant is unable to clear the PMP exam on the first attempt, s/he can sit for it again. Generally, a professional can attempt the exam 3 times a year.

We automatically deduce that these facts and truths relating to the PMP certification can bring in some visible and transformative change in your routine while you prepare for the PMP examination. It is our aim that every aspirant out there must be thoroughly updated before s/he plans to sit for the exam.

We, at Careerera, wish you all the best in your endeavors. Make a choice and join our PMP Certification program today, to initiate a better change tomorrow!

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