9 Good Reasons to Start a Career in AWS


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the top buzzword in the technological world these days. Most businesses and organizations are trying to shift their operations and technological stacks onto the cloud. This is because the cloud offers many tangible benefits over the traditional way of going about offering services and products or engaging in software development.

Cloud computing is the process where a cloud services provider makes computing resources such as computing power and data storage available to a client on-demand, without the client having to manage the computing resources directly and actively. They don’t have to concern themselves over how to make the computing resources available or how to manage them at all. They can simply request computing resources according to their requirements and receive them from the cloud services provider on demand.

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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) is the leading cloud services provider in the market at the moment. It is the most popular cloud services provider by far and there are several reasons for its dominance in the market. It is very secure and durable. AWS encrypts all the data and offers end-to-end encryption and secure storage. This means that a company can leave the security aspect of their product in AWS’ hands. They absolutely do not have to worry about crackers and other malicious elements bringing down their products or services with cyberattacks over the internet such as viruses, trojans, worms, social engineering, etc. All their data and servers are present with the AWS personnel and it is their special responsibility to protect that data and store it in a secure way.

The clients can also rely upon AWS’s decades of experience in providing cloud computing services. The tools and techniques that it uses have had years and years of usage in industry settings and they are very reliable. Its best practices have similarly had many decades to mature into the well-designed guidelines that they are today. So a company will have a solid bedrock of industry-tested services to depend on. AWS also enables products and services to scale up or scale down dynamically, without any restructuring or new setups needed. This is because AWS can provide computing resources to the client as they require them. This is also why using AWS is a very cost-effective option because AWS only charges clients for the cloud computing services and the number of computing resources that they use, with no long-term data plans like some other companies offer. So the clients are only charged for what they absolutely make use of and nothing extraneous is added to their charges.

AWS provides many services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Lightsail, and Amazon Lambda. Amazon Storage Services include Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Elastic File System (EFS). Other Amazon services include Amazon Application Discovery Services (ADS), Amazon Route 53, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Identity, and Access Management. These services include everything from providing compute capacity in the cloud, to scaling and deploying helper web applications, to virtual machines, to applications on the cloud which run code without the need of provisioning and managing servers.

What Will One Gain From Learning AWS Technologies?

  1. More and more companies are migrating to the AWS -

As the world becomes more and more revolutionized by technology, the companies’ ambit of ventures keeps growing. So they attempt more and more ambitious projects. The size of these projects often becomes humongous and consequently, the requirements of these projects become gigantic. What happens in such cases is that the companies are not able to manage their resources to meet their clients’ increasing demands and start ballooning and growing overburdened under their own schemes. 

In these cases, it becomes necessary to delegate the task of managing their resources to another organization so that they can be left free to tackle their core business functions. This is exactly what most companies are doing today, especially in the technological sphere, by migrating their back-end technological stacks to the AWS. So it is a very good time to have a career as an AWS expert so that one can be hired by these companies to assist them.

  1. IT professionals are increasingly expected to have expertise in cloud services -

New breakthroughs in the field of computer science and information technology have radically transformed the landscape of technological companies. New and emerging fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and especially Data science, have introduced paradigm shifts in the technological sphere. Now more and more companies are relying on massive data centers to perform calculations and complex computations for them. 

They are using cutting-edge tools, techniques, and algorithms to train their machines and derive meaningful insights from the data that they generate and record. Doing all this helps them to make more informed and better business decisions and outperform their competitors. One drawback of using these technologies is that they are very resource-intensive. So companies are usually unable to fulfill the requirements of these technologies by themselves and thus have to rely on cloud services providers such as AWS. So a modern IT professional will not face any difficulty in being hired by a technological company for his AWS expertise.

  1. AWS is predicted to grow the most and is currently the fastest-growing cloud service provider -

The revenue figure which Amazon reports for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division keeps on growing larger and larger. Amazon reported it to be $11.6 billion for the third quarter of 2020 which is much larger than the revenue Amazon earned from AWS in the third quarter of 2019 - $8.9 billion. AWS appears to be expanding both its range and bread of services at a very fast rate. The adoption of AWS has risen to unprecedented heights because of the COVID-19 crisis. During the COVID-19 crisis most customers engaged in shopping for products and services online, which only helped the AWS demand rise higher.

Amazon has also added a slew of big businesses and organizations to the list of its AWS clients such as household appliance manufacturer Arcelik, visual effects company Weta Digital, restaurant chain Jack in the Box, biotechnology company Moderna, and payments technology company Global Payments. So investing in AWS solutions architect associate training will not go in vain and will give very high returns in the current job market.

  1. AWS is the most popular cloud services provider by far -

According to a survey released by a technological journal in the United States of America, AWS holds more than a third of the market share of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, which is larger than the market share of its next two biggest competitors combined. Both Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure aren’t even close to AWS in terms of market share, market reach, adoption, and range of services provided. This means that AWS is practically the most dominant cloud services provider in the market today. So if an IT professional is interested in entering the field of cloud computing and starting a career in it, it is the most logical to set a goal to learn the AWS technologies well. This can be done by taking AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification courses.

  1. Availability of a free-tier account and very competitive pricing -

There are a number of people who want to gain some practical and hands-on experience using AWS services. Amazon has taken that into account and has designed its AWS services to have tiers of access. There is a free tier where a selected list of services is provided for free. Trainees, beginner learners, and neophyte IT professionals can use those services to test the AWS platform and learn about its functioning. 

This free-tier access is a very wise move by Amazon because in this way they provide the general public a way to get a taste of the AWS while at the same time having to subscribe to a flexible pay-as-you-use model for the more advanced and resource-intensive services. For someone looking to enter the field of AWS, these services are most helpful in learning the nooks and crannies of AWS before investing real money for learning the more advanced services. So there is all the more reason to undergo AWS solutions architect associate certification training and use the free AWS services to gain knowledge about the AWS platform.

  1. There is a shortage of professionals with AWS skills -

The AWS platform is becoming increasingly widespread and is almost ubiquitous in certain sectors of the Information Technology industry. So the job postings listing AWS skills comprise a major portion of all the job postings in the software development industry. However, and surprisingly, given a large number of AWS solutions architect associate courses available, the number of individuals skilled in the AWS platform is much lesser than the demand for them. So for a person who becomes skilled in the AWS platform and gains an in-depth and thorough knowledge of it by undergoing AWS solutions architect associate training the scope for instant employment is huge. They will find that they have very little competition and businesses and organizations clamoring to hire them for managing their AWS division of products and services.

  1. There are many AWS learning resources available -

The AWS platform has been in operation since 2013 in the market. In the time period from then to now, the number of learning resources for the AWS platform has exploded. There are books, videos, courses, lectures, sample tests, manuals, guides, and even learner forums available. So there is no dearth of learning material for anyone who wants to gain skills and knowledge revolving around the AWS platform. They make the process of entering into the AWS field and starting a career in it very easy and straightforward. The best way to learn about the AWS platform is definitely to get an AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification online.

  1. AWS jobs tend to have extremely high salaries -

Jobs related to AWS skills have very high ranks in the list of salaries that IT related jobs provide.

AWS Skill




Elastic MapReduce (EMR)




Elastic Cache








Key Management Service


Elastic Beanstalk




  1. One can specialize in many career roles on the AWS platform -

One big attraction of the AWS platform is that there are many areas in this vast platform in which one can work in. Based on the different roles in these different areas, the AWS platform contains several learning paths. After following a learning path for a certain amount of time, one can choose to specialize in any technical role of their choice. The areas include Advanced Networking, Big Data, or Security. Some job titles which one can choose after their specialization are -

    • AWS Cloud Architect
    • SysOps Administrator
    • Cloud Developer
    • Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager
    • Cloud DevOps Engineer
    • Key Account Manager, Cloud
    • Cloud Software Engineer
    • AWS Networking Specialist
    • AWS Big Data Specialist
    • AWS certified solution architect associate

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