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The SAFe for Architects certification deals with the incorporation of the Lean and Agile software and systems in an organization. Apart from this, the implementation of these systems takes place because of the utilization of the Scaled Agile frameworks (SAFe). Moreover the SAFe for Architects certified candidates are competent in the development and curation of the enterprise-class software and systems by moving past the challenges and the hindrances associated with it. The certification is focussed to deliver leadership as far as improvisation of the collaboration and the alignment in a SAFe Lean-Agile enterprise is concerned. This is achieved with the help of effective architectural solutions. The development of these architectural solutions further lead towards the establishment of continuous flow and enables alignment of architecture with business value.

The SAFe for Architect certification training basically allows candidates the opportunity to put their credibility at test so that they flourish as competent professionals and can overcome the cut-throat competition prevailing in the business environments. Get your SAFe for Architects certification now and change the course of your professional journey for good.

Main Objectives of The Safe For Architects Certification Training

The main objectives of the SAFe for Architects certification training are to deliver the following:

  • The training will allow you the chance to understand and execute architecture utilizing the SAFe principles.

  • Facilitation of architecture alignment in order to derive full business value. This not only affects the productivity level but also gives a direction towards the attainment of goals and targets.

  • Get insight into how to curate architecture to support continuous delivery and the release on demand.

  • Learn how to plan architectural runway for getting the best out of the delivery and to ensure delivery success.

  • Implementation and planning of PI during the coaching and the directing of the team members and architects.

  • As a participant of the training, you will get know-how regarding the architecture vision and intent.


In order to understand the concepts introduced in the SAFe for Architects certification training to the crux, one should try to obtain the below-mentioned requirements first. These requirements are not mandatory but having them will surely come up as an advantage during the SAFe for Architects certification.

  • Basic understanding of the enterprise-class software and systems. 

  • Competency with the Scaled Agile Framework

These are the basic requirements that will aid your earning process at Careerera. Apart from this, the mandatory requirement for this course is that one must have attended any other SAFe certification prior to taking the SAFe for Architects certification.

Examination Format of The Safe For Architects Certification

The examination format of the SAFe for Architects certification is as follows:

  • The SAFe for Architects certification examination is a closed book examination that can be taken online. 

  • It is a multiple-choice based certification examination.

  • There are a total of 60 questions that are asked in the examination and the candidates are supposed to achieve a minimum 70 per cent score in order to pass the examination.

  • A candidate must secure at least a score of 45 out of 60 to qualify the exam. 

  • The total time allotted to attempt the examination is 2.0 hours( 120 minutes).

  • The examination is conducted in the English language.

  • The validity of the certification is for a year and after that, if a candidate wishes to maintain the gained certification then he/she should opt for the renewal process. The certification renewal charges are $295.

  • Retakes are allowed for the examination. Every retake costs a sum of $50. To know more about the retake policy refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section.

What are The Benefits of The Safe For Architects Certification

There are many organizational and individual benefits of the SAFe for Architects certification and are mentioned below:

  • It is a credential that affirms a professional as a SAFe Architect and he/she is someone who can get down with solutions related to the architecture alignment.

  • A certified professional always remains open for various career focussed opportunities and possibilities.

  • Having a SAFe for Architects certification will allow you the chances for keeping up with the contemporary changes taking place in an organization or in the SAFe Architecture domain.

  • Another very common benefit of doing a certification is that it accentuates your skills and therefore you become eligible for a high pay grade in any organization.

Who Should Take This Course?

The SAFe for Architect certification is for the professionals who are dealing with the systems, solution and the enterprise architect. The training session will benefit all the professionals belonging to the architects handling the technical domain. Moreover the SAFe for Architect certification is a valuable course for all the candidates dealing with product leadership (product leaders) those who are willing to collaborate with the professional Architects. Technical managers involved in making architectural designs can also make use of this certification in order to go for career advancement as this course will surely benefit them in every way one can think of.

Course Highlights:

The course highlights are as follows:

  • The training period at Careerera lasts for two days and it covers a total training of 16 hours.

  • The course covers the practical case study in order to prepare participants for the actual challenges and the real business environment. This ensures that after the completion of the training the candidates are able to mould themselves seamlessly in their roles and can work towards achieving their target in an organization.

  • Every training batch delivered at Careerera,  comes with the additional study support material that not only helps with the preparation process but also tries to test the calibre of the participants through the sample papers and the mock test papers delivered during the training session.

  • Participants are counselled before the examination. They also receive several tricks and tips from the trainers who have more than 20 years of experience.

  • We cater to the needs of the working professionals by delivering online live virtual classroom sessions and the E-learning sessions. They can make use of these so that their work and job responsibilities are not jeopardized.

Why You Should Go Forward With Careerera?

  • Experience a pragmatic learning environment in our training sessions delivered at careerera.

  • Grab a chance to learn from the challenges and the difficulties faced by the certified professional as they are going to be our trainers to provide you with their own experiences and will guide you through the process.

  • Eradicate your doubts and queries through 24/7 guidance system. Trainers also stay in contact with the participants of the course.

  • Go through our website to know more about our instructor-led live virtual classroom sessions that are the best-suited option for the working professionals.

  • Candidates can also attend the demo sessions that we offer at careerera to get an idea about the actual training delivery.

  • All-time access is allowed to the courseware and other important material whether it be in-house material or the published material. Sample papers and mock test papers are also shared with the candidates to carry out effective revision.

  • Connect with our customer support team and register for a demo session today. 

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