The tech world today is under the spell of the DevOps practices that are proven to impart positive impacts on the processes running in an organization. The DevOps practices are utilized in the refinement of the ‘time to market’ and thus acts as a strengthening agent in the continuous delivery pipeline. The DevOps practice primarily focuses on the flow of value in the continuous delivery pipeline by mapping it thoroughly in order to achieve the desired result and outcome. Several processes are streamlined and bottlenecks are ward off to gain a streamlined momentum as far as the system development life cycle is concerned.

The SAFe DevOps certification training aims to build a deeper understanding as far as DevOps practices are concerned and with the DevOps, credential participants will be able to perform the DevOps practices that are aligned with the Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe). The product delivery will become better as a SAFe DevOps certified candidate will be able to scale processes thoroughly for better results. Not only this, but he/she will also ensure stable alignment of the cultures, people, processes and technology thus eliminating hindrances in the product delivery way.

Main Objectives of The SAFe Devops Certification Training

The training sessions are built to deliver the following objectives:

  • Get insight into the execution of strategic business objectives through DevOps practices.

  • Learn to handle splintered processes through CALMR application. The CALMR approach coupled with the DevOps practices produces effective results in the reduction of the fragmented process.

  •  Comprehend the need for a regular investigation, continuous unification, periodic deployment, and the need to deliver according to the demands of the consumers.

  • Safeguarding of the delivery pipeline by incorporating timely testing and establishment of unbreachable security systems.

  • Learn how to discern the inhibition in production, supply glut, pestering from customers, low employee esprit de corps through the utilization of the value stream mapping techniques in order to ascertain the flow in an end to end delivery process.

  • Get the fastest and the desired outcomes by electing the high performing DevOps practices that can really create an impact on the whole delivery process.

  • Derive utmost economic benefit from the DevOps solutions.

  • Curate a multi-faceted DevOps transformation plan and execute it for better results and outcomes.

  • Get insight into the optimization of the value stream by constantly engaging in different roles and levels in an organization.

What are The Prerequisites Needed to Do The Safe Devops Certification?

The SAFe DevOps certification is open for all and there are no hard and firm prerequisites that are needed to do this certification. A faint knowledge regarding the DevOps mechanism and the strategies would be highly beneficial in order to understand the SAFe DevOps certification training. Apart from this, one must have knowledge regarding the Scaled Agile framework to understand the concepts and the theories introduced in the SAFe DevOps certification training.

Examination Format of The SAFe Devops Certification

The examination format of the SAFe DevOps certification is as follows:

  • The SAFe DevOps certification exam is based on multiple-choice questions.

  • The examination is a closed book examination and can be taken over the internet through a single browser system.

  • A total of 90minutes (one and a half hours) are given to attempt the examination.

  • 45 questions are asked in the SAFe DevOps certification exam and one must secure 73% marks in order to get the SAFe DevOps Certificate.

  • A candidate needs to get a total of 33 correct answers out of 45 questions asked in the examination to qualify for the certification.

  • The examination is conducted in the English language.

  • Every retake to the exam costs around $50.

What are The Benefits of The Safe Devops Certification? 

The benefits associated with the SAFe DevOps certification are as follows:

  • One of the prime benefits associated with the SAFe DevOps certification is that it allows the scope for career advancement to the professionals who would like to extend their learning horizons. 

  • The SAFe DevOps certification not only brings impeccable benefits for the organization but also leads to the overall development of professionals who undertake it.

  • It is a highly recommended certification for IT and software professionals owing to the fact that it delivers knowledge that can impact their careers on a positive note.

Who Should Take this Course?

The SAFe DevOps Certification is the best option for the agents, executives and leaders associated with IT and business change. The SAFe DevOps certification helps the members of the Agile release train and the members of the value stream. Apart from these, the course provides a valuable certification to the Developers, Testers, Product owners, Scrum masters and Agile team members. Infrastructure and operations engineers and practitioners can undergo this certification to get new opportunities. Configuration managers, release managers, change management professionals can take this course. Apart from these architects, database administrators and the Information security professionals can make use of the SAFe DevOps certification to get the desire to push their careers. Product managers, portfolio managers, release train engineers and UI/UX developers can also take the SAFe DevOps certification training to achieve a greater level of professionalism in their existing careers.

Course Highlights

  • The total training time is 16 hours and it takes about two days time to complete the full training. A candidate is supposed to attend 8 hours long individual sessions for two days.

  • The SAFe DevOps certification training comes with complimentary courseware that includes all the study material along with the required sample papers, practice papers and the mock test papers for assessment purposes.

  • Practical project work is assigned by the trainer to every participant to ensure practical learning.

  • The course also allows individuals to score 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) that are highly important as far as the SAFe DevOps certification examination is concerned. Collecting professional development units is a basic criterion for taking the SAFe DevOps certification examination.

  • Our training sessions also include examination counsel sessions that help a candidate with the grasping of the valuable tricks and tips related to the qualification of the examination.

  • Careerera offers free e-learning service with registration into the trainer-led live virtual classroom sessions.

  • Register with us today to be a part of a heuristic learning environment.

Why You Should Go Forward With Careerera?

  • Our main focus at Careerera is to develop highly qualified professionals who can take the desired role in an organization.

  • An interaction is established throughout the training session. The trainers along with the other fellow participants are able to communicate with each other making the session lively and educating. 

  • Positive outcomes are guaranteed out of our training sessions owing to the fact that all our trainers are highly qualified in their respective fields hence they are competent enough to deliver practical training and nest-in-class learning.

  • We deliver assistance and guidance to all the participants whenever and wherever they want it. Any participant can always connect with us through call or email.

  • Demo sessions can be utilized by the interested candidates, those who would like to see how the training sessions unfold in actuality. Our transparency allows us to always deliver what suits the needs of the candidates.

  • The training sessions at Careerera are accompanied by the in-house study material. There are several other published materials that we make available for the participants of the course so that they are up to the mark as far as preparation for the certification exam is concerned. We constantly urge our candidates to participate in the periodic tests and the mock test papers so that they get an idea of where they truly stand.

  • Every training at Careerera is delivered through the three modes that are E-learning, Instructor-led live virtual classroom training and through the traditional classroom training.

  • All the study related concepts are thoroughly taught so that the concept remains clear and participants are able to further their knowledge related to the SAFe DevOps certification.

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Q1 : What is SAFe DevOps Certification?

The SAFe DevOps certification deals with the introduction to the strategies and the practices related to DevOps through a Scaled Agile framework. It covers the mapping of the continuous delivery pipeline and renders insight into how alignment and synchronization can be achieved with the help of periodic exploration. SAFe DevOps certified professionals able to build and curate quality products for the end-users.

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