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CSPO® Certification Training

CSPO® Certification Training
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The Certified Scrum Product Owner certification is for the professionals who would like to accelerate their Product development career. The certification provides foundational knowledge regarding the management of products and how customer demands can be met without straining the resources available in an organization. The Certified Scrum product owner certification not only provides knowledge regarding management of the teams that are interlinked through a project or product but it also delivers the understanding of the Scrum and Agile techniques and methods that can be utilized in order to increase the overall productivity in an organization.

The CSPO certification training provides a deeper understanding of the management of a product release. Moreover, it covers all the aspects related to product development such as product backlog and other related processes. The Product owners are responsible for the management of the teams working and utilizing the Scrum and Agile methodologies. He/she works as an anchor and provides support to all the other processes and team members in order to steer towards the final achievement of the desired result and outcome. The Certified Scrum product owner certification training offered all the required information that allows candidates to qualify the CSPO certification exam.

Main Objectives of The Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training

The main objectives of the CSPO certification training are as follows:

  • The Certified Scrum product owner certification provides an impeccable elementary knowledge about the scrum and the Agile concepts, techniques and methodologies.

  • The CSPO certification training will provide an insight into how being a Scrum product owner professional one can accentuate the levels of scrum functionalities.

  • Gain an insight into how one can improvise as a competent Product owner through learning professionals skills that are necessary in order to succeed while handling Scrum and Agile teams. 

  • Learn to establish a crystal clear communication in order to support the processes happening in an organization in order to meet the desired outcomes and results.

What are The Prerequisites Needed to Do The Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification?

The prerequisites needed to do the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification is:

  • A candidate must have attended a 16-hour long training from an authorized training provider.

  • After the completion of the training, the candidates are supposed to obtain 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) which are mandatory for registration to the CSPO certification exam.

  • However, in order to attend the training, there are no prerequisites needed as it is a beginner's level certification and anyone interested can take the training. .

What are The Benefits of The Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification?

The benefits associate with the Certified Scrum Product owner certification are as follows:

  • One of the major benefits associated with the CSPO certification is that it allows professionals the scope to accelerate in their current working profiles. It not only provides skills that are necessary for today's competition but also adds a badge of achievement in your resume.

  • Get familiar with the popular Agile practices and upgrade your career. This not only opens up many new opportunities for you but at the same time makes you more relevant in the ever-changing technology world.

  • The CSPO certification training is a great chance to become the better version of yourself and achieve great heights in the scrum and the Agile domain.

Who Should Take This Course?

The Certified Scrum Product owner professional certification is an apt certification course for the following professionals:

  • Managers belonging to the software development

  • Product managers

  • Project managers

  • Software developers

  • Developers

  • Professionals belonging to architect software development

  • Testers involved in software testing

  • Product owners

  • Team leads

  • Team members who would like to know more about Scrum or would like to build a Scrum-oriented career

Apart from the above-mentioned professionals, anyone could go for the CSPO certification training as it is a beginners level certification in the Scrum domain and will enlighten you regarding the elementary scrum concepts and theories.


The course highlights of the CSPO certification training are as follows:

  • At Careerera, we offer an inclusive training that spans across two days. The total time covered during the training is 16 hours in total.

  • After the completion of the training, the participants receive 16 Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) that are offered to validate their training hours and also to make them eligible for the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification exam.

  • All-inclusive courseware is also rendered to every participant who attends the CSPO course training with us. Our courseware consists of all the essential printed material whether it be in house or published to cover all the essential topics and concepts related to the CSPO course. 

  • Counselling sessions are also delivered that not only motivates the participants but also delivers essential exam tips and tricks that can save a lot of time during the examination. 


Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter - 1 Scrum Basics
Chapter - 2 Role & Responsibilities
Chapter - 3 Product Vision
Chapter - 4 Estimating
Chapter - 5 Product Backlog
Chapter - 6 Prioritizing
Chapter - 7 Release Managament
Chapter - 8 Sprints


The Certified Scrum Product Owner certification allows candidates the scope to get foundational knowledge regarding the scrum and Agile techniques, practices and methodologies. It also enriches the knowledge related to product development. The candidates receive information and knowledge on how to manage product releases after analyzing the resources of an organization. The work of a product owner is to manage and handle projects related to products and to motivate and manage scrum and Agile teams working on a unified project. The Certified scrum product owner certification id for those who would like to become certified Scrum product owners and are ready to take up the responsibilities that are associated with it.
The training sessions provided at Careerera are delivered with the help of a well-qualified trainer and hence delivers the best-in-class training. It is the only fastest path to the Certified scrum product owner certification as it allows you the scope to learn from the real experiences of the certified professionals and it also increases the probability of clearing the CSPO examination in one go. For more details kindly visit www.careerera.com. 
The Certified Scrum product owner examination consists of 50 questions that are multiple-choice based and the candidates get 60 minutes in order to complete the examination. Apart from this, the qualifying percentage is 74% and this examination is a closed book examination. The medium of the CSPO examination is English.
After achieving the Certified Scrum product owner certification, the candidates can go for the other advanced or the expert level scrum and Agile certification or they can find jobs in the following fields such as Product Owner, Product Manager(software), Senior business analyst, Senior product manager, Business analysts IT, Lead Business Analysts, Agile coach and so on. There are other certifications related to Agile domain that one can take up after completing the Advanced and the Expert levels. 
The prerequisites for the examination are as follows: A candidate must have completed the training of 16 hours and should possess 16 scrum educational units (SEUs) in order to take the scrum product owner certification exam. However, if you are interested to attend the training for the certified scrum product owner certification then you can do so as it is an entry-level certification and there are no hard and fast requirements in order to do the CSPO (certified scrum product owner) certification training.
For refunds, the candidates are advised to fill the refund request. The candidates can do so by mailing it support@careerera.com. Once they file the request their refunds will be initiated. However, the mount will take around 7 days to reflect in your source of payment. The candidates can file the refund request after attending the first class. The funds will only be issued in cases where the candidates have not taken another class of their session. If you face any inconvenience you can connect with our service support team and they will guide you through the process. Visit us at www.careerera.com for more details

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